Twenty Brussel Sprouts
The Wild West
Moulin Rouge, Yeah
The Naked Nurse and the Giant Mosquito
The Consequences of Winning at Strip Poker
Mother Mary and Apostle John
Berlin Dolls
Il pittore della fotographie nude (episode 1)
Sex in Advertising
Il pittore della fotographi nude (episode 2)
The Cosmic Nude
Rencontre avec M. Le Trepas
The Good Wife's Guide
Once I Was A Baptized Christian
The Exhibitionist
Over My Dead Body
Slap Happy
Space Aliens Stole My Bathtub
Shanghai Graffiti
Theatre Metropole Short Films
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director
Theatre Metropole Short Films have over 2 million views web-wide. All have been written, directed, and produced by Lance Tait.

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