Feeling that her life has been slowly going downhill, Francine, who has been working as a waitress, goes to a fortuneteller to have a tarot card reading. The card reader tells her that the rest of her life will be living death if she does not get married within three weeks. As outrageous as this might seem, Francine takes the advice seriously. She is after all in a terrible rut. First she has to shake off her loser-boyfriend, Buzz. Among other things, handguns are part of his lifestyle. It is a good thing that Buzz will not commit to Francine. Francine's co-worker and best friend, Monica, introduces her to a bookstore owner down the street from the restaurant where they work. Once Buzz finds out that Francine is courting the bookstore owner who is named Wesley, he stages an accident that is intended to kill Wesley. Wesley survives. After he gets out of the hospital, Francine still cannot get rid of Buzz. As Buzz scrambles to win Francine back, Francine - with a newfound attraction and respect for Wesley and the world he inhabits - gets a new lease on life.

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Francine's Derringer
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director