Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, has actually been under house arrest in Egypt while the Trojan War has been raging. Both sides fighting the war were under the impression that they were fighting to possess Helen. But Helen was never there. Instead, Zeus created a double of her and put that double in Troy. While the real Helen is getting pretty tired of the Egyptian King hitting on her, there is a stroke of luck: the Trojan War has ended, Menelaos, Helen’s husband, has been cast out to sea, but he washes up on the Egyptian shore. He is amazed to find that his long-lost wife is nearby in the King’s palace. It is not that easy to spirit her away. For one thing, the King’s sister (and who is also his mother) Noey, falls madly in love with Menelaos. At first not everyone realizes that Menelaos is not the poor traveling pilgrim he claims to be. When his identity is discovered the King tries to arrest everyone except Helen. With the help of a slave girl, Bia, who serves in the palace, Menelaos drugs the King’s guards so they cannot move – but of course they are still capable of singing. At last, Menelaos and Helen are able to flee.

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Helen, The Musical
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director