Lance Tait: American Writer/Director
Mike, a public works engineer, agrees to meet with Leigh-Ann, now a college student, whom he has not seen for three years. They go on a hike in the Colorado mountains not far from where Mike lives at present. Leigh-Ann is the daughter of his former lover Rita, with whom he lived for three years. During that time he was in the position of being a father to Leigh-Ann. Leigh-Ann feels shorted emotionally in regards to what she got from Mike back then. She confronts Mike but he is not willing to talk about such matters. Meanwhile, as they hike, mini-scenes play out in brief vignettes (for example, minor characters enact "the blind leading the blind"). The trail that Mike and Leigh-Ann are on becomes increasingly charged with meaning. They are walking along the Road of Life.

What is real and what is not in this surreal landscape? After an encounter with a very real rattlesnake which Mike is forced to shoot with his pistol, they are at the trail’s end. A gorgeous llama ranch is there. They are met by its owners, a loving farmer couple who are friends with Mike. Striking for its beauty and troubling for its shadows of violence, this has been a bittersweet day for Leigh-Ann.

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