This is one of America's most amazing stories. Edwin Booth was the most famous actor of his day. His brother, John Wilkes Booth, also an actor, shot President Lincoln. It was an inside job. Celebrities had access to presidents. (Has anything changed?) Edwin Booth, with his high ideals, would go on to establish his own classic theater in New York. It bankrupted him. This play examines Edwin Booth's life, celebrates his ideals, and offers a unique look into a part of history that should be remembered.

From the Author:
The play takes place during a time that is all but forgotten today. Theater artists had re-connected with Shakespeare. Schoolteachers took their students to see actors in plays so that they might learn better diction.

"Edwin Booth is a high drama that speaks to where we have been as a country and a people. In entertains us, it enlightens us. It tells us something about ourselves in such a way that we see ourselves with new eyes." - Don Elwell, Greylight Theatre.

"An extraordinary achievement." - Joseph W. Meeker, author of The Comedy of Survival.
Edwin Booth
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director