Esoteric Plays
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director
Remarkable for it its wide range of theater techniques, "Esoteric Plays" contains sixteen wildly inventive plays that present strange mental journeys through life and love. The dramas are often surreal, dryly humorous, iconoclastic and unexpected. The plays are variously indebted to experimental European drama of the Twentieth Century, to English Mystery Plays of the Middle Ages, to Japanese Noh and to other plays and other examples of theater from around the world. Plays include: "The Glass Ceiling", "Dmitri", "Conquests", "All Is Well that Endeth Well", "Miss Julie", "David Mamet Fan Club", "Never Let Them See You Sweat", "Read to Me", "The Babysitter/Germany", "East Play", "Betsy Philadelphia", "Mad Cow Disease in America", "A Family Portrait", "Jesus and the Monkfish", "Behave, My Sorrow", and "Live Free or Die".

From the Author:
There are some things that only theater can do. This book takes advantage of the poetry, physicality and mystery of theater. "Esoteric Plays" is not constrained by the normal rules of what a play should be. Five of the plays are for two actors. There are two solo plays. The cast sizes of the plays are generally small. And yes, "Miss Julie" is a contemporary adaptation of the Strindberg classic.