Ursula Williams (she is German, she has taken her husband’s surname) is married to a Londoner, Tommy. Both are around 30 years old. They live in an attractively designed ground-floor "loft" in Mannheim, Germany. Ursula Williams, who inherited money from her parents, is the owner of the house. Tommy has had many business ideas to make lots of money, but he is a failure. He knows his wife is more intelligent than he is. His feelings of inferiority drive him into an adulterous relationship with an American, Julie, who works at a nearby American military installation. Julie hates Ursula Williams and wants to get rid of her. Julie has access to drugs and medical paraphernalia that allow her to carry out an "alternative" to murder. One night Julie manages to get into the Williams house when only Ursula is there asleep at night. Julie uses a long hypodermic needle and pushes it into Ursula’s temple. She in effect lobotomizes Ursula.

The godmother and namesake of the younger Ursula, Ursula Braun, aged 70, works as a German-Russian translator. When Ursula Braun returns to Mannheim from being out of town on a freelance job, Tommy will not allow her to see his wife. Ursula Braun is suspicious. Tommy is horrified at what Julie has done and he and Julie argue what to do with the "zombie" that they have on their hands. Though the guilty couple do their best to keep people from discovering Ursula Williams’ condition, in the end Ursula Braun succeeds in having the police arrest Tommy and Julie.

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The Namesake
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director