It is spring 2008, in the midst of the Iraq War. Anne, 30-35, is a field agent in Paris. She is in charge of a mission to lure a young Franco-Arab man out of hiding and abduct him so he can be sent to prison at Guantanamo. The man, Youssef Isa, has taken part in many roadside bombings in Iraq against American forces. He will be leaving Paris soon again and going back to Iraq. The C.I.A. finds that, surprisingly, Youssef still signs in to his MySpace account. The agency also knows that Youssef indulges in internet pornography and is attracted to blonde, Western women. Anne, at her computer in Paris, creates many different fictitious MySpace persons – all are Arab-French or Arabic – with one notable exception: Sally Robinson, an "American student". Step by step these fictitious people coax Youssef out of seclusion and persuade him to meet at a public place. The tension rises when the plan goes awry because Erin, the woman whose photographs have been used to create the fictitious woman Sally, unexpectedly shows up at the public place where Youssef is. The agents risk loosing the trail of Youssef forever. A chase ensues and they finally get their man in a suburban parking lot outside Paris.

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Sally Robinson
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director