For Tom Hazzitall, a lawyer, life is good. He has a job that is fulfilling. He has Lisa, his loving wife. They have enough money to live where they want to. Then one day Lisa dies, a victim of a seemingly meaningless crime. Two weeks later a woman shows up at Tom's door. She is the spitting image of Lisa. What can Tom do but take her in? Is she a replica created by space aliens, as Tom's cleaning lady Pauline suggests? A comedy-drama, with songs. This play was previously published in paperback in the anthology, "Mad Cow Disease, Something Special, and Other Plays" by Lance Tait.

From the Author:
Unpredictably hilarious, full of wordplay, indebted to the Theatre of the Absurd, this play is loved for its humor and depth as well as for its profoundly silly short songs.

Something Special
Lance Tait: American Writer/Director