Two unexplained deaths. A struggle between a detective desperate to find a suspect, and a witness who has her own mysterious reasons to conceal what she knows about the crimes.

From the Author:
A visiting professor of music from Denmark, Christian Sorensen, is dead. Another professor at the Tchaikovsky conservatoire, Natalia Marchuik, died two months later. Detective Andriy Yevchenko comes to Professor Lydia Perova's office to question her about the deceased teachers. He says he suspects that some disgruntled music composition student - a mad genius - has killed the professors as part of large scale frontier-breaking musical symphony that incorporates reality (murder) into its musical drama. It is a far-fetched theory, but Yevchenko thinks it is possible. He is completely lying. His real target is Professor Perova.

Synesthesia itself refers to the phenomenon of the senses getting crossed - colors are heard, music and fragrances are seen, etc. In the play, there is discussion of music compositions that go beyond the realm of sound and into realms of sight, smell, touch and the mystical. An extensive original soundtrack accompanies the play's performances.

This is a two-character play.

In David Lipfert writes: "There is another interesting drama at this year's Fringe, Lance Tait's 'Synesthesia' in its world premiere. Masterful acting by Corcoran and Campion plus Tait's superb direction make a winning combination."

Lance Tait: American Writer/Director